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Goose Down Comforters

BLACK FOREST is OBB's exclusive premium bedding range that combines quality, elegance and tradition in a stylish collection and transforms your bed into a sophisticated and tranquil oasis.

BLACK FOREST offers the perfect symbiosis of high-grade filling materials and luxurious cover fabrics, plus personalised extra features such as body zone stitching, elegant corner finishing, comfort foot zone and decorative seams.


Immerse yourself in the world of our premium bedding.


Don't forget: if you and your partner can't agree on a temperature level, you can always get 2 individual duvets, one for the warm, one for the colder sleeper: choose from the lightweight and all-year

Available sizes:

European twin 53 x 79 inch / 135x200cm

European twin long 53 x 87 inch / 135x220cm
US twin 67 x 85 inch / 170x215cm
US queen 90 x 92 inch / 229x234cm
US king 108 x 98 inch / 275x250cm