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Washing and Maintenance of Down

Store your bedding in a dry place. You can also use our premium breathable storage bags, which provide excellent ventilation. The bedding can also be stored unpacked in an under bed drawer. It is important for the bedding to be able to “breathe”. For natural protection against moths, use a repellent such as lavender, cedar wood or walnut leaves.


Fluff up and air your duvets and pillows daily.
Do not vacuum clean or beat duvets.

Never leave duvets or pillows out under bright sunlight or in damp weather.

When washing pillows, always use a laundry detergent specifically designed for down. Don't use bleach.


Always machine dry down products on the delicates setting. To prevent the down filling from sticking together and clumping, we recommend putting a few dryer or, tennis balls into the dryer. Afterward, check the bedding for any residual moisture and dry again if necessary. Keep fluffing it up until the down has regained its original volume.

All our fibre products are washable at a temperature of 140ºF/60ºC.
Use a mild liquid detergent on the easy care program of your washing machine and set it to spin up to maximum 1,000 rpm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
After washing, fluff it back into shape and hang it over a washing line to dry (avoid sunlight). The bedding can also be machine dried, but be careful to use only a low temperature setting (easy-care/cupboard dry).  If too high a temperature is used, the fibres could melt.