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German Down Pillows

German Down Pillows

Breathable, moisture-regulating, and a comfortable sleep experience: the 3-chamber pillow.

Down/feather pillows are natural, breathable and moisture regulating. Down and feathers serve two purposes: down makes the pillow fully and soft while the feathers help the pillow keep its shape and provide good support. The proportion of down is usually 15-30%. The higher the proportion of down, the softer the pillow. The higher the proportion of feathers, the firmer the pillow.

The three pillow chambers (which our manufacturer OBB invented over 50 years ago, by the way!) perfectly combine the advantages of down and feathers. The pillow’s core contains small, stable feathers and is surrounded by soft, fluffy down that gently cradles the head. 

All pillows are certified with Oeko-Tex 100, Nomite, Downafresh and Down Pass.